As human resource audit specialists, HR Audit Framework are uniquely qualified to help human resource department heads and executive management conduct more thorough, measured and valuable human resource audits. While we often customise programmes to meet specific client needs, the approach is usually based on one of the following three options:


Option 1- We train you

A 2 day workshop at your site on how to conduct a human resources management audit efficiently, measured, objectively and thoroughly.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a started to apply a template of methodology to use for auditing human resource practices and interactions. Topics include instruction on sample selection, review and analysis processes, regulatory requirements, best practices that should be included, and other information necessary to conduct internal HR audits. We also include guidance on establishing the appropriate benchmarks or standards appropriate for your business.

For up to 8 participants.


Option 2 – Trial Audit

This option has an audit at one of your locations conducted in conjunction with your organization’s HR Director. We provide the audit process methodology and a HRM Framework auditor on-site for guidance, direction and coaching, whilst you undertake many of the actions.

This option typically takes 2-3 days on-site over a two week period, depending on the size and complexity of your organisation.

At the conclusion of the session, you will have been taken through a full audit process, have the data, sample results, and all other information and materials needed to draft an audit report/summary and the experience of having completed an audit.


Option 3 - Full Audit

This option consists of a HRM Audit Framework completed at one location while representatives of your organization observe and participate as appropriate. This results in a complete written audit report which is followed by a presentation and de-brief on your site with the HRM Audit Framework Auditor.

The on-site portion of the audit in this option typically takes 3-4 days. HRM Audit Framework will draft the written report which will follow three weeks after the on site portion, and the presentation scheduled at your discretion.


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